Our WHS Systems are living documents that are designed for maximum input by all persons to ensure that safety is paramount in all activities and uses the hierarchy of controls.

Assurance or competency of all workers;

Supervision provided for persons that are not yet competent;

Project Safety and Environmental Analysis conducted for projects to ensure that relevant controls are considered prior to commencing a project to ensure that all necessary equipment is at the project when required.

  • Procedures and SWMS that are developed in consultation with the work group.
  • Workplace communications to ensure that controls are effective and any new hazards are identified and controlled.
  • Safety communications are used to verify communications and close out issues that need to be corrected.
  • Incident investigations are in place should there be a failure in systems, using a no blame policy and focus on fixing systems to prevent reoccurrence.
  • Weekly Toolbox meetings to discuss any new legislation and reiterate the importance of site safety.